Eco-Friendly News -Green fashion from around the World

Leading Global brand H & M has unveiled a new collection of Wedding Dresses which are made from eco-friendly fabrics and are also quite affordable. These timelessly weave the latest trends with environment-friendly textiles. The designers reveal the aesthetic behind these creations – for traditionalists, a high-neck lace gown with long romantic sleeves created from organic silk and viscose. For unconventional free-spirited bohemian brides, art deco-like embellishments made of recycled mixed glass and rhinestones. Read the complete details on The Upcoming UK.

Shield your eyes from the Summer glare with sustainable glasses based in California. Woodwear which makes frames from zebra wood and bamboo. ZEAL optics uses plant-based materials such as castor bean oil, biodegradable acetate, and Ellume in all its sunglass frames and lenses. Dizm Eyewear features eye frames made from plant-based BioSan plastic, which is biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, and renewable. If you choose from its line of Eco lenses, those are also made from 50% renewable plant-based plastic. Browse through their designs and find the rest of the details on Tree Hugger.

At a recent Beauty Pageant, Miss Cheltenham 2016, the contestants had to show off dresses they had put together themselves out of recycled materials. The stand out contestant in this round was Jessica Hutchins and her dress made out of old ties which not only fitted her perfectly with an expertly formed shape to it, it also had a subtle and elegant colour scheme of blues and greens. Read the complete details on Gloucestershire Echo UK.

Which green initiatives do you practice or are willing to take up??Share your story with us and get featured on The Positive Media.



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