Positive Film Review: The Sacred Science

sacredscienceThe Amazon in home to over 44000 amazing plants with its native medicine men or shamanic healers being skilled at healing various diseases through the positive energy of the forest and the plants. Yet scientists have studied the healing properties of barely one percent of these.

In this film Nick Polizzi has documented the transformation and healing journey of eight people from various parts of the modern world who had been suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Cancer, Diabetes, IBS and depression who chose to stay with the native medicine men in the forest for 30 days. Some of the results of the program can only be termed astounding!

The best part about this film is the emphasis that diseases are created more out of our emotional and mental patterns than anything else, and being in nature, prayers and meditative healing, a diet of raw fruits and vegetables and consuming natural herbal potions that alter our consciousness is the key to being cured. If we can imbibe the essence of this healing this movie could well be a sound inspiration for most of us.

You can watch the complete film on www.thesacredscience.com

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