Your Positive Tarot Message for the Week

Four cards were drawn at random for your reading today to help you in having a successful and happy week ahead.

FIRST choose any one of the cards below and read the interpretations AFTERWARDS




Choose one of them, either A, B, C or D

Follow your intuition or inner voice to select ONE card

You can also close your eyes and see what comes to you, either A, B, C or D…

Take your time…..


Whatever you feel drawn to at first instinct is relevant to you

Do not second guess yourself…you were right the first time!






scroll down for your message….





Now, I am turning your cards over so that you can see what you got




Here we go:

A3 of cups.png

The Three of Cups from the Morgan Greer Tarot is a message of friendship and a sign that you have people around you who wish to enjoy the precious moments of their time with you. You are fun to be with. You are also there for others should they need you. It is time to fill up your calendar with interesting events and activities that expand your network. You will find plenty of occasions to strike up conversations with people you are interested in. Someone you  might really like is probably waiting for such a moment too. Do not be shy and bask in the limelight whenever invited. Try to surround yourself only with positive people, and stay away from negative gossip to avoid those toxic energies from affecting your own life. You will find that you have plenty of choices now. You are no longer desperate or craving for others to like you or love you. You know you will find only the best groups and circles to join and unite with. May this message bring you tremendous happiness and enhance the positive spiritual quality of your life!



Bace of swords.jpg

The Ace of Swords from the Mystic Faerie Tarot is a reminder of the power within you. Your intellectual prowess is strengthening now. You can no longer be fooled by pretensions or deceit. You do not claim to know it all but you will know the truth about the particular situation that is of concern to you this week itself. Knowledge is indeed power and you will be armed with this Excalibur of success soon. You can then decide the right approach to pierce through the issues at hand and find your way to more and more success. This may not be the time to sugarcoat your views or be two-faced. Honesty will indeed be the best policy now if you want to be understood well. Let the universe know what you want as clearly and truthfully as possible. Soon everything will fall in place through your crystal clear intentions. You know you can do it!

Cq of w celtic

The Queen of Wands from the Celtic tarot shows you walking with confidence on the path you have chosen. Success is created naturally by you right now. Your inner light guides your path ahead with certainty. You know that each and every day you are manifesting your will. Saying positive statements such as affirmations does you wonders this week as you instantly start achieving your goals. The only thing you need is to believe in yourself and this amazing power you are carrying with you everywhere. There is no need to hide behind the shadows. Show to the world how you did it and let everyone be inspired by your charisma and your example. You are a magnet and everything you are desiring is being created and pulled towards you in every moment. It is good for you to wish for nothing but your very best. Go for it!


The Four of Swords from the Rider tarot is your message for the week, pointing at healing, strengthening and deepening of your journey. This week you will remember to find time for yourself. There is a time for wild adventure and outward action, and there is a time for inner healing and quiet introspection. This week you will find such a balance. Your dreams will guide you well, so sleep well and catch up with your inner self. Any struggles or strife that was part of your life will be calmed down gently now as you realize a deeper truth. Meditation will be the single-most important factor in improving your life right now. Drop everything from time to time and just enter that state of peace and self-awareness which you deserve and require everyday. Your higher self is with you now and you are protected. Everything is being healed in wonderful ways!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s reading. More next week…..Stay tuned to

Blessed Be



Swati Prakash can be reached on





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