Your Positive Tarot Message for the Week

This week’s positive message comes from the Literatarot Asia deck published by and available at the Museum of Tarot, Italy made in collaboration with 22 Indian artists. This card called Judgement is by Sangeeta Pai and represents the message of Vishnu Purana.


Judgement is a message of re-birth and re-awakening, when our consciousness is called forth into light. For each time and age of the world the creator of the world takes an avatar to protect us from evil. Vishnu represents our own inner consciousness which is born and reborn through the ages to help us deal with our self created demons of ignorance and to save goddess earth from destruction. The puranas have described Vishnus avatars transforming from Matsya (fish) at the beginning when earth was covered with water, to Varaha (boar) that lifts earth out of the water creating land, Narsimha (lion-man) indicating the primeval wild nature of life, Vamana (dwarf) indicating the earliest humans, Parsurama (axe-man) indicating early civilization, Rama (human) indicating modern mankind, Krishna (super-human) indicating mental advancement of civilization, Buddha (conscious human) who helps us discover inner-self and finally Kalki (final avatar) who ends the dark cycles or Kaliyuga and allows a new birth of the planet.

With this card, meditate and reflect upon the time we all are living in. How can we integrate with the consciousness within us to end ignorance and transform our world from negative to positive? Perhaps we all are an important part of this process represented by Vishnu’s Kalki avatar! There is a lot of power within all of us and we all carry the essence of God or consciousness within to be awakened fully soon.

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