Six Positive Spring-time Traditions to Enjoy This Season


Spring is in! Holi, Ostara, Easter, St Patricks Day…in whichever way you celebrate the season, we can be in harmony with nature and have fun at the same time. Traditions, rituals and festivities come year after year, yet at times we forget the scientific significance they are based on. Let us today remember these three popular spring-time traditions and the positive reasoning behind them.

  1. Spring Cleaning: Spring is the time for releasing the old and beginning the new. There is new and fresh energy in nature, of regrowth and renewal. Its time to prune and trim your garden, sweep away all old energies from your home, smudge and cleanse every nook and corner including the cabinets, wardrobes and attic. Doing this makes way for new and positive things to enter our lives. Imagine you are pressing the refresh button on the browser of your life. Breathe out the old, breathe in the new!feather-duster-709124_960_720
  2. Banishing Negativity: In India the tradition of ‘Holika dahan’ or burning up an effigy of the legendary demon Holika as a symbol of banishing evil. If large gatherings are not likely, you can symbolically burn away and transform all your fears, blockages and negativity by lighting a candle and burning a chit of paper or a paper doll on which you have written or concentrated upon all the negativity you wish to release with the help of a burn safe dish. As you crush the burnt paper imagine that all the unwanted has left you for good.holika-dahan-305_032316022341paperburn
  3. Lucky Leprechauns: Legendary leprechaun faeries who guard the pots of gold beyond the rainbow, Irish lucky clovers or shamrocks are all symbols of spring, growth and prosperity to be shared with each other in this season. The rainbow represents the colorful new possibilities coming alive now.leprechaun2
  4. Eggs and Bunnies: As spring is the time for new growth and rebirth, eggs being symbols of birth are painted and used for decoration and for egg hunts, colorful egg shaped hampers, treats and goodies are gifted. Rabbits being symbols of propagation and reproduction are also popular in gifts. decor and treats for this season because spring is the time for new prosperity, new growth and renewed fertility of earth.easter-1247634_960_720
  5. Fun with Colors: Spring is the time flowers start to bloom all over again and earth is decorated with bright and happy colors. Natural dry colors sourced from flower petals and plants have been traditionally used to paint each other’s faces gently and with permission as a symbol of love, blessing and friendship. This symbolically helps in spreading prosperity and happiness among our loved ones.holi.jpg
  6. Jokes and Laughter: Spring is the time to lighten up and brighten up the mood after the dull and sullen winter. The fairy energy is now getting stronger in nature with love, light and laughter everywhere. Harmless pranks and jokes are aimed at bringing smiles and cheer not only to us but to the person who is subject to the joke or prank. The idea is to spread happiness and not to hurt or harm any creature.tree-frogs-517346_960_720….Here’s wishing everyone in the northern hemisphere a fabulous and colorful spring full of love, luck, laughter and auspicious new beginnings.

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