Positive Tarot Message: Attract Prosperity Now

9pentacles gildd.jpg

Today I would like you to focus on this random card that was drawn for you from the Gilded Tarot. This awesome message helps you attract prosperity and wealth right now.

You right now deserve this abundance of time, energy, wealth, nature, beauty, creativity and comfort. The universe wants you to know that all this and more is yours for the taking. All you need to do is accept this right now. You may have been blocking this energy so far or in the past because you felt guilty at having so much. Do not feel guilty at having more than someone else because we all have the capacity to receive amazing luxury and prosperity at any time in our life. We are simply all learning to receive and accept this phenomenal love of the universe. When you see any lack in any person, any poverty or misfortune, you know that you have the power to similarly bless anyone with prosperity or abundance. It is up-to them to receive and accept this energy. Start with yourself and say yes to your own prosperity. so that others can also be inspired.

The way you use this energy of prosperity will be entirely your choice but the more positively you apply your wealth, to create more happiness and joy for yourself and others, the wiser it will be. Try to see money as a tool to help yourself be of better service to the world including yourself. You now have the opportunity to attract, receive and generate more of whatever adds happiness and bliss to your life. Go ahead and fulfill your life purpose and soul’s quest with the help of all the amazing and plentiful resources at your disposal.

Blessed Be



Swati Prakash can be reached on www.swatiprakash.com


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