World Water Day and Equinox Full Moon


From now to 23rd we celebrate the equinox as well as the World Water Day on 22nd and the eclipse on full moon on 23rd.

Let us use the powers of this tide to amplify earth healing. As earth is unified with a love for nature, we know all our festivals, religions and celebrations spring from nature itself. This is the time we resolve to be One as children of Earth and to send our love to earth for healing and betterment of not just humans but all creatures.

To cast this spell take a bowl of water and send energy of love and peace into it. Close your eyes and feel the energy entering the water for a few minutes by being in a meditative and peaceful state. Say these words as you direct energy into the water:
‘Love, peace, kindness, healing
The world united as one being
Divine harmony everywhere around me
With harm to none, so mote it be!’

Take a few minutes to totally sense and feel the effects of these words and their power as you direct the energy into the bowl of water. You know that the water will absorb and respond to this energy beautifully. You can also add a few flower petals to this water to be able to visualize its blessing.

When you feel this blessing has been absorbed in the water you can pour this blessed water anywhere in earth in a place of nature and feel the blessing enter earth deeply. Know that it has worked in a wonderful way! You will soon begin to see the signs.

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