Recycling ‘Ugly’ Food & Avoiding Food Waste to Feed 5 Billion



Studies show we produce enough food to feed the current world population of 7 billion. Yet 800 million people went hungry every day or remained malnourished either because they had no money to buy or had no means to grow food. This was a shame because 1/3rd of the food we produce had been going waste, just because it ‘looked ugly’. Yes, perfectly healthy food that can feed 2 billion…. and no one realized it more than Tristram Stuart, who goes around cities for fruits or veggies (about to be thrown away for no other reason) and promptly recycles it, in his amazing way…

On the other hand, another 1/3 of the food we grow or cook was being lost in transit or going to rot. Again, enough food to feed 3 billion. New global teams are now tackling the root cause from fixing the food chain to ensuring food on the table for more, so much so, we can join hands in eliminating food scarcity across the planet within our lifetimes!


Positive News. Always.


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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