Positive Film Review: What The Bleep Do We Know!

By now most of us in the world are realizing that what we call ‘reality’ is something that is interconnected with our mind and changes as we look at it. This movie was one of the first in the world to have explored this notion. Part documentary and part story, the focus here is on how spirituality and science are merging with the ideas of quantum physics coming to the forefront.


This movie journeys through the awakening of Amanda, a photographer who suddenly finds herself discovering the secrets of life and consciousness through a chain of inter-connected events spanning both dreams and chance occurrences or encounters in her day to day life. It is almost as everyone and everything around her is teaching her the secrets of life and its mysteries. Although she begins as a skeptic, she slowly begins to realize the essence of everything she has been learning. This initiation into the nature of ‘reality’ helps her overcome her own fears and heal her own blockages towards the end. Throughout the story there are interviews of scientists, philosophers and spiritualists who all seem to agree that the world around us is deeply connected to our own thoughts, perceptions, emotions and beliefs.


Through visual effects the movie conveys scientific ideas and spiritual concepts in an entertaining way. For most people who are interested in opening their minds to the several possibilities of life and learn about how they can have a choice over their own quality of experiences, this film may be a wonderful place to begin.

You can stream this movie instantly HERE

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