Five Great Movies About Mastering Our Dreams and Realities

‘You are in a dreamworld Neo…’, says Morpheus in the Matrix! …

And many of us could relate with what he said. The world around is is just about as real as a dream…just like ancient Vedic philosophy would tell us. And, we are totally in-charge of our experiences whether in our dreams, waking life, or after-life.

Here are some fantastic and perhaps lesser known movies that help us question the reality of the ‘real world’:-

Dreamscape: dreamscape

In this 1984 film Dennis Quaid plays a psychic who is asked to enter the dreams of people who suffer from nightmares with the aim of helping them work through their fears. It is the last scene that hints out at the fact that dreams and reality might have started to overlap. What is wonderful about this film is the concept of’dreamwalking’ into the inner world of others for their healing… definitely a good skill to have.

What Dreams May Come:


In this 1998 film Robin Williams learns with the help of a spirit guide, how to master life after death and also manages to guide the soul of his dead wife after her suicide to reunite them both with their kids in afterlife before they decide to reincarnate. This is one of the few movies that has focused almost entirely on life between lives and touched upon the powers we have as spirits in helping and guiding each other and in choosing our existences in future. Beautiful special effects won this movie an Academy Award.

The Lathe of Heaven:


This 1980 film Bruce Davidson plays a man whose dreams change reality each time he dreams. Troubled by this phenomena he seeks the intervention of a psychiatrist after drugs fail to help him escape. The psychiatrist sees for himself how the man can powerfully change the world through his dreams and tries using him to deal with all the problems of the world one by one while all that the dreamer wants is to simply stop dreaming. His final realization is the highlight of the film that comes as a brilliant surprise. Definitely worth watching a couple of times.

The Nines


In this 2007 film Ryan Reynolds plays out three alternate lives only to discover that he is a ‘nine’. I would leave you to watch the film and figure out what this means but all I can say is that on a scale of one to ten, this film could probably score a nine on coming close to the truth about our existences. John August, the writer and director gets most of the credit for this movie. Enjoy it on a rainy day when you want to watch something new and different.


Made and published by Glenn Triggs and available free on YouTube, 41 (a 2102 movie) is  where the central character time travels from a certain point to time to the past, again and again till he discovers the secret of how to change the course of events for the best possible outcome. Although more of science fiction than spirituality it does help the viewer expand our consciousness about the illusory nature of time and the parallel existences of past, present and futures as well as the existences of several alternate versions of ourselves.

Hope you have fun watching and discussing these five with yourself and others soon.

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