Positive News Today – Eco-friendly cabins, mushroom packaging and polymer pillows

Austria based company Wongwagon has launched ‘eco-cabins’ which are just 25 square metres in space and made entirely from environment-friendly materials such as clay plaster, larch wood, sheep’s wool whivh provides insulation. The solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity while batteries at the bottom of the trailer conserve it for later use. The large windows maximise the use of light while water can be heated using the electricity of a stove. These cabins are quite versatile and can be used as homes, office space or even as travelling vehicles. Read the complete details on Next Shark.

IKEA recently announced its new ‘mushroom packaging’ as part of Green initiatives. Made from corn husks and other agricultural waste these boxes are made using mycelium and these boxes will naturally decompose even if they are just thrown out. An Ikea spokesman confirmed it was looking at working with Ecovative, adding: “We always look for new and innovative processes and sustainable materials that can contribute to our commitment. A spokesman for the retailer said: “IKEA wants to have a positive impact on people and planet, which includes taking a lead in turning waste into resources, developing reverse material flows for waste materials and ensuring key parts of our range are easily recycled. Read the rest of the details on The Sydney Morning Herald.

UK based Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd has recently launched “Polymer Pillows” which can be used to remove harmful remnants of oil, petrol and diesel from polluted water within minutes. Designed to clean up or dewater areas such as bunds, excavations, trenches and manholes, Polymer Pillows are simply placed in contaminated water to remove hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels and prevent the release of contaminants or hazardous fluids into the environment. read the complete details on Pollution Solutions.

Which eco-friendly measures would you take or are taking to conserve natural resources? Which are the simple things one can do for reducing & disposing garbage levels? Share your inputs with us and get featured on The Positive Media.



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