Your Positive Rune Message for the Week ahead

Today the random rune drawn for you for the week’s message is Sowilo sowilo

The symbol literally means Sun, a source of light, energy and power for us all. The message of this rune is equally bright and uplifting. Think of it as a power within you which can brighten up your mood anytime. The Sun represents our consciousness. It is the power of awareness through which we can indeed change anything for the better. The Sun reminds us that we have power and it is alright for us to have this power. Instead of feeling tired, negative, worried or sad…it is possible for us to shift our focus to all those emotions that bring happiness and joy. Instead of wanting or needing anything from others, we can be a source of power, strength and energy for ourselves. The radiance of the sun within you illuminates all corners of your life, whether relationships, career or spirituality.

Your power stones linked with this rune are Citrine, Sunstone, Ruby and Tigers Eye. Wear them and meditate with them this week to access the full energy of this positive message.



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