5 Simple & Fun ways to stay Fit!

Fitness can be achieved with the simplest of means, without fancy equipment, a trainer or going to the gym! According to many studies, just 30-45 minutes of physical exercise daily can do a world of good to your health and enhance longevity.

Here are 5 simple & easy ways to stay fit, that can be easily incorporated into your busy schedule:

  1. Walking & Running

Just briskly walk or run around your neighbourhood or a nearby park/garden, sea promenade or the beach and sweat it out. Take in the fresh sights and smells that are a soothing respite from the closed spaces you perhaps work in. Be amidst nature, see your senses get a boost and your muscles relaxing. Brisk walking or running daily for atleast 30 minutes will naturally improve your skin tone, help you lose flab, burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and reduce chances of diabetes and gradually increase your stamina. Listening to your favourite music, affirmations or chants adds to the experience, though taking in the natural sounds around you will align your energies to nature.

2. Dancing

“Dance your blues away” you’ve probably heard this one before and it really works wonders! Just play some music and move your body. Its alright if you have two left feet or don’t know the steps – the point of dancing is to enjoy yourself with reckless abandon! Let your body loose as you move this way and that, just follow your own rhythm. Dancing continuously for just 20 minutes will increase your flexibility, grip, co-ordination, lose calories and even enhance your mood! Research proves that while dancing your body releases endorphins or “happy hormones” that instantly perk you up and relieve stress. Just have fun and don’t care if anyone’s watching! 🙂

3. Household Chores

House-help didn’t show up? Take it as a positive to get your gloves on and clean your space with the love that you built it. Sweeping & swabbing is great for toning up your legs and abs and doing the dusting, laundry or the dishes a great way to tone up your upper body, especially your arms. Clean your cupboard or just those ignored spaces between your furniture – believe me, this is a full body workout as you reorder, haul stuff and get your spaces neat. The wise say that these humble jobs around the house build character, but they also go a long way in keeping you self-sufficient & fit in the simplest of ways!

4. Yoga 

This ancient Indian mind-body-soul science is practised by billions and with good reason! All you need is a yoga mat and a corner! Yogic postures look easy, however, these open up hardened knots and long-standing blocks in your body slowly & gently. The best part about yoga is that it cures the root of the dis-ease and heals you from the core. It helps you gain patience as you gradually get the postures right and enhances your body’s overall flexibility. It aligns your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Even the simple pranayama or focussed breathing exercises improve your lung function, cure respiratory illness and create a sense of overall calm & well-being.



5. Stretching

Remember those physical training classes in school? They have multiple long-term benefits to keep you in shape. Stretch your arms, legs, do push-ups, jump, skip – these simple exercises are great for toning up your body, shedding calories and looking lithe. A daily workout of 30-40 minutes just by stretching in the comfort your home or in a park will help you boost your energy levels, cardiovascular health and flexibility. Just get your shorts on and get started!

Which simple, DIY fitness routines do you personally enjoy? Share your fitness story with us and get featured on The Positive Media.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/ 

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