Hidden Opportunities in the Total Solar Eclipse


This 8th to 9th of March 2016…release all your fears. Eclipses are powerful opportunities in disguise. Sometimes misunderstood in the past as negative events, they are actually as positive as anything can be.

Seen from a scientific view eclipses are a play of celestial bodies as they align with our vision. In a solar eclipse the light of the sun is blocked for some time…and then unblocked.

For manifestation and magickal work this is a very useful symbolism. There is always a great amount of positive energy in you which is sometimes not visible to yourself. Those times when you thought you were not powerful enough, capable enough …this is the time to let go of those self-defeating patterns of thinking. If you had any negative conditioning or behavior pattern, whether internal or external…this eclipse is the time to confront those shadows. Deep inner work is all about bringing the dark or unknown into view and then transforming it into the light of consciousness. To be open to see what we fear is the biggest sign of fearlessness. When we agree to see whatever we were ignoring or brushing down the carpet, we begin to accept our power to transform everything. Let this eclipse help you overcome your own self-created, self-programmed limitations, because there is nothing in this world that can ever control or limit you if you don’t allow it to.

Sit still and focus gently on your natural breath for a few minutes to enter a deeper meditative state.

Now focus on the blockages you wish to release from deep within…and try to identify them as dark shadows that seem to float in and around you. For each one of your limitations, whether it be an addiction, a negative belief, sorrow or pain, disease or threat…let them all be known to you as you see them in any shape or form as the shadows within.

Visualize your inner power emerging as a great ball of light shining from within to all around you, transforming all these shadows with its brightness. See it shine like a bright sun radiating all around you from deep inside yourself. All the blockages you identified are now being transformed in this very moment.

Now strongly visualize yourself and your life situations as transformed into the most positive alternative reality. If you had an addiction to release, imagine yourself living a happy life without those addictions. If there was lack of anything, visualize yourself having all those amazing things in your life now. If there was a career blockage, visualize yourself happy and positive in a good place doing only what you love. If you had any fears, imagine yourself living and enjoying your life without any of those fears as if those things you feared are never going to affect you again. If you had sorrow, visualize only joy and happiness, love and laughter in your life as you see yourself in that positive state.

If you wish you can light a bright colored candle of your choice and meditate with a powerful crystal that connects with you for some time, to fully accept and integrate this transformation or healing. You can also say affirmations such as:

I have now let go of all my fears.

I totally accept and awaken my powerful self.

I release all shadows into my great inner light of truth.

I know that nothing has power over me now…I am free.

I manifest my very best right now and always. So be it!


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Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide available. More on www.swatiprakash.com

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