Positive News Today – Eco-friendly fertilizer, rickshaws & taxis


Marguerite Homb, president of a non-profit organization called Health and Nature has found that the moringa leaves which are native to the African soil are natural organic fertilizers. Even a training centre in Madimbu uses these dead leaves for farming. The centre co-ordinator François Xavier Mifoundou says,” Moringa has other uses too. To protect crops against insects, we immerse moringa leaves in water for a few days. The liquid we obtain enables us to treat the crops. It’s also an incredible feed for chickens.” In Congo’s capital Brazzaville, vegetation in fields was usually burnt before planting crops and this slash-and-burn approach had harmed the soil and affected the health of female farmers.

Read the complete details on World Crunch



A fleet of eco-friendly taxis have been unveiled at Tehran – Iran’s capital. The new cars run on both electricity and gasoline and can help cut down on fuel consumption and reduce air pollution. Officials plan to make 10,000 such vehicles operational by the end of 2018. Read the complete details on Press Tv.

Kai Clemens Liebich, a 22 year old German student from Bengaluru has come up with an eco-friendly car which is swift, offers a jerk-free ride and is emission-free. Kai is currently interning with Bosch India  and he explains, “The vehicle is equipped with a powerful electric motor for each wheel and a new steering concept in combination with torque vectoring, which facilitates improved agility and extremely small turning radii. Torque vectoring also makes the rickshaws safer (prevents them from toppling) and helps them perform better on bad and slippery streets”. If these e-rickshaws become active, they will make Bengaluru healthy and also save commuters time. Read the complete details on Times of India


Which eco-friendly initiatives are you excited about and would want to be a part of? Share your inputs with us on The Positive Media.


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