Positive News Today: Green Initiatives in India

Kochi will soon have CNG (compressed natural gas) buses into the KSRTC fleet which will ensure a clean transport system in the State. The project which is being planned for introduction on a pilot basis, will continue to give people the option of an  environment-friendly transport mode. CNG buses are already functional in many Indian metropolitans including the capital New Delhi. Read the complete details on The Hindu

Schools in Dehradun & Mussoorie have started Green initiatives within the campus to combat the problem of waste disposal. E-waste stalls within the school, sensitization workshops hosted by NGO’s, help of specialized agencies are some of the implemented ideas. Additionally, the purpose of garbage segregation is being explained to kids in Kasiga School, Doon International School is planning to build a recycling plant and an NGO ‘Waste Warriors’ is conducting composting workshops in schools as part of the Microsoft “Create to Inspire” Educational Program. The Doon School has also set up an effluent treatment plant within the school premises through which waste water from boarding houses and the dining hall gets treated and is sprinkled in the school fields and used for gardening purpose. Read the rest of the details on Times of India.

A unique eco-friendly project is being set up in Hyderabad’s  Khammam District called “The Sitarama Project”. It has been designed to create an additional irrigation potential of 1.65 lakh acres, in addition to 3.33 lakh acres proposed under Rajivsagar and Indirasagar in Khammam district, with a bigger balancing reservoir to store 10 TMC ft water. This will ensure water supply for farming purposes as well as drinking water to villages. The project also aims at saving and preserving the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary from submergence.Read the complete details on The Hindu.

Which eco-friendly initiatives are you excited about and would want to be a part of? Share your inputs with us on The Positive Media.

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