Hope Shines Brightly in the Toughest of Times

Today these two stories prove how hope and positive attitude help in surviving through the toughest of life situations.

Salvador Alvarenga, a fisherman from Mexico was castaway for 438 days due to a sea storm where he lost his companion and still managed to live through the journey that took him to Tile Islet in Marshall Islands, one of the remotest places in the world. Thanks to the power of imagination he built his own alternate reality and prevented himself from going insane or taking his own life. He walked on the boat imagining he was walking around on earth and visualized speaking to real people and family…and finally found the remote island with people who would would save his life and reunite him with his loved ones. Read more in the book 438 Days by Jonathan Franklin

In the world’s northernmost refugee shelter on the island of Seiland 280 miles north of the Arctic circle asylum seeking migrants from Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan are hoping for a new life  displaying hope in darkness. Read more herenorway-1140933_1280.jpg

Even in the darkest of hours, hope springs eternal…

Stay Positive!


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