5 Things To Love About London!


Life in a fast-paced city is not always so stressful or a chore, especially when it is the financial capital of the world.


1. Close to fifty percent of London is green. The city is home to more than 13,000 species, 3,000 parks, 3 million gardens and 2 National Nature Reserves. Overall, 47 per cent of London is green space and 60 per cent classified as open space.




2. To a casual visitor or viewer, any watercolor drawing of a red double-decker bus in London’s busy thoroughfare reflects the city’s iconic symbol. Last year, Transport for London (TFL) celebrated the 100th year of the bus by tracing the humble origins of the iconic bus – a fact that the ubiquitous ‘bus was once a tram, which was once a trolley, which was once a horse pulled cart. All along the same points in space…’


You can explore that artistry here.


3. This year, TFL celebrates the 30th year of underground poems. Already a hit, poem cut-outs across London’s underground, can amuse and inspire in equal measure the taciturn commuter. For example:


Feel free to browse a contemporary collection or access the archives.


4. Street performers singing, playing music or enacting in public spaces for gratuity is a common sight in many cities. Busking in London is not only legal, it regularly draws international media while talented and professional buskers entertain an eclectic audience and earn a living with big names to boot.



5. London is a hotbed of charities. Every other street has charities competing cheek-by-jowl with branded showrooms- recycling home, garden and office stuff at throwaway prices in immaculate condition.



Goes to show, cities can also be positive and you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy it too!


Love your city? Tell us why on thepositivemedia@gmail.com


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