Your Positive Tarot Message for the Day


Today’s card, The Lovers is also a card of choices. Ruled by the zodiac Gemini, this card symbolizes our thoughts that can attract to us whatever we think about. Each thought of ours is a choice we are making regarding what we wish to have in our life.

The above card from the Rider tarot resembles Adam and Eve. As the man looks towards the woman she is looking upwards at the angel. The guidance of our higher self is constantly available to us, helping us make the right choices in each moment. If we all choose our thoughts, wishes, feelings and actions wisely we would all attract only the best possible situations and experiences towards ourselves.

The people we attract in our life, and our relationships with them also have to do with our own vibrations and the way we relate with ourselves. Keeping our own inner state positive and loving ourselves truly are the ways to attract happier relationships and life-situations.


swatiprakash small (1)

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and the founder pf Global Wicca. You can read more on


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