Positive News – Gravity Waves Warp Spacetime Continuum

Unbeknownst to all

In death throes a star calls.

Echoing endless ripples in time

Far and wide it touches the babel of life.

Not a soul, not a rock, not a bourn, not a crop

Can deny or accept this ineluctable fate.

Hearken not to that clarion call

Of civilization rise and fall

Unbeknownst to all…

-Bhaskar Dutta



100 years after Einstein predicted gravitational waves (imagine ripples in space-time much like a ripple caused by a stone tossed on a pond), physicists today said it is true.

This is touted as the biggest scientific discovery of the century as think of all the scientific advances after the discovery of x-rays and radio waves – now that we can detect gravitational waves, we can see and study the cosmos in ways unimaginable (again, much like waking up with an amazing sixth sense or superpower).

Even though the verified 5.1 Sigma measurement is in the order of billionth of an atom, physicists are already talking of peering into the singularity (very core of a black hole) for the first time ever and revisiting how the two black holes crashed causing the purported gravity waves and who knows, someday learn more about the life and times of planetary systems the original suns may have once ruled over, if Hawking’s theory of reconstructing lost information out of particles evaporating from the black hole’s event horizon is equally correct.

Besides, once you learn how to bend space-time, warp speed is just a ‘blink’ away!



Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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