Your I-Ching Predictions for the Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey

We all know that the Chinese New Year has just begun. The year of the red fiery monkey is a promising year for fun, adventure and business for most of us.

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This year I decided to do something different and take a I-Ching reading for all of you for this year of the red monkey. The I-Ching (Yi-Jing) is an ancient Chinese oracle based on Yin and Yang lines that combine to make eight trigrams based on nature – namely Earth, Heaven, Mountain, Thunder, Lake, Water, Wind, and Flame.

iching trigrams

These paired in various permutations and combinations make 64 hexagrams to denote various possibilities of life. Here are your I-Ching predictions for the year with a positive advise for each Chinese Zodiac sign on how to handle the energy of the year.


First find your Chinese zodiac sign based on the following wheel, then read your i-Ching oracle below it.

chinese zodiac wheel

The Monkey Year for Monkeys: Hexagram 31 Lake over Mountain31Keyword: Influence

This is your year of course and you are likely to attract people and things similar to yourself this year. The monkey power amplified gives a lot of restless and dynamic energy as well. Your hexagram number 31 is Lake over Mountain representing the power of ‘influence’. You have a lot of power this year and are meant to put it to good use. Your thoughts and emotions will be amplified and returned your way. If you are positive there will be plenty of success this year.

The Monkey Year for Roosters: Hexagram 37 Wind over Flame 37Keyword: Family

Monkey and rooster can be an odd combination but interesting as well. This year your hexagram 37 or Wind over Flame represents ‘family’ and reminds you to stick close to those who care for you. Bask in the support of loved ones and give them your unconditional love too. Despite ups and downs, you will be able to fulfill most of your goals and will do exceedingly well in most areas of your life by learning and staying humble.

The Monkey Year for Dogs: Hexagram 33 Heaven over Mountain33 Keyword: Retreat

The enthusiasm of the monkey year can be far too much to bear for the dog sign and therefore the hexagram 33 of heaven over mountain that stands for ‘retreat’ is perfect for you this year. Take time to slow down every once in a while. Plan a break or a vacation soon. Give yourself time to ruminate over important decisions. Be patient and you will be in balance this year. You will learn how to enjoy your own company and withdraw into the sacred sanctuary of yourself.

The Monkey Year for Pigs: Hexagram 27 Mountain over Thunder27 Keyword: Providing

Self indulgence can be the buzzword for most pigs this year and the hexagram 27 of mountain over thunder rightly guides you to nourish,protect and provide not only for yourself but also for others. You will find that when your capacity to give increases then the amount of blessings that come your way increases too. Take the time out for some kindness, charity and hospitality whether for someone known or unknown to you. Of course this begins at home…but don’t let it end there.

The Monkey Year for Rats: Hexagram 10 Heaven over Lake 10 Keyword: Treading

The clever rats usually love the crazy energy of the monkey year and this year the hexagram 10 for heaven over lake stands for ‘treading’ asks you to take good care and leaping only after you look. You will reach for the stars this year and you should, yet it will be better to look through the telescope and aim for the right one first. Good planning and strategy will be useful in ensuring great success in all endeavors in what could be a fabulous year.

The Monkey Year for the Ox: Hexagram 30 Flame over Flame 30Keyword: Control

The sturdy ox can be sometimes find the energy of the monkey year to be quite unexpected and the hexagram 30 of flame over flame advises ‘clinging’ or holding on. You will do well to remain in control of your own life instead of getting unsettled in all the commotion. Stay grounded and stick to whatever your intuition feels comfortable with. Be open to change but let it be guided by the kind of wisdom you can trust.

The Monkey Year for Tigers: Hexagram 12 Heaven over Earth 12 Keyword: Stillness

As expected tigers would never cease to grab the opportunity any new year brings, yet when it comes to a monkey year even they can be outwitted at times. The hexagram 12 of heaven over earth advises ‘stillness’. If something is not coming your way too soon its best to be patient and hold on. Meditation will make the blocks disappear sooner or later, and bring you success in the long run. Remember that all you seek is ultimately within you.

The Monkey Year for Rabbits: Hexagram 45 Lake over Earth45 Keyword: Deliverance

Playful rabbits will seek new opportunities this monkey year but at the same time be more sensitive to this years fiery energies. The hexagram 45 of lake over earth promises ‘deliverance’ or a removal of obstacles making life smoother as the year goes by. This year cultivate calmness to bring in balance and be kind to yourself. Stay close to positive people and be in a positive inner state yourself to ensure you will not attract negativity.

The Monkey Year for Dragons: Hexagram 22 Mountain over Flame22 Keyword: Grace

The fiery dragons are expected to be up for the fiesta that the red monkey brings this year. The hexagram 22 of mountain over flame wisely advises ‘grace’ or the art of balance. Your inner light is strong yet you are better off being subtle than overt. This oracle says that power is greater than force. You can have much more success through your subtle inner flame that with the raging anger of outer fire.

The Monkey Year for Snakes: Hexagram 55 Thunder over Flame 55Keyword: Abundance

Sly and alert snakes will be able to navigate the strong forces of the year with their keen mental agility. The hexagram 55 or Thunder over Flame suggests that this year has a lot of potential and high energy for you translating into ‘abundance’. This could be an intense year and you can transform it to a windfall by your intellect and careful thinking. Focus on what truly matters to you and it will amplify in wonderful ways.

The Monkey Year for Horse: Hexagram 20 Wind over Earth 20Keyword: Contemplation

Sturdy and strong horses will meet the challenges the monkey year brings now with sensibility as suggested by the hexagram 20 of wind over earth. The message of ‘contemplation’ suggests that you think about your next move well in advance and take the right steps this year to handle every twist and turn gracefully. Things can be unpredictable and you can do well with being level headed and mindful to make the most of this amazing year.

The Monkey Year for Sheep: Hexagram 59 Wind over Water 59Keyword: Dispersion

Sheep love being close to earth yet this year can bring just the right burst of energy to stir you and move you in a new direction. The hexagram 59 of wind over water indicates ‘dispersion’ which means that its time for the ships to sail if they have been standing anchored for too long. Yet it is good for you to not be overwhelmed and to prioritize your time instead of going in each and every direction looking for what you seek.

Wish you a lucky and successful year ahead!


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