Eco-friendly News – Crop bagging, food kiosks and snow melting inventions

Farmer Jalaluddin from Bahorom village in Ranihati Union of Sadar Upazila, Bangladesh, has used “crop bags” to protect his brinjal plants from pests this season and has yielded an abundant harvest. This bagging method has also helped him completely stop the use of pesticides and chemicals that usually harm the environment and also the nutritional value of plants. This is an innovative product that can be used several times through the season for grains, fruits, vegetables and he bought these from a local tradesman who imports goods from China. Organic farmers can make use of this product to get even better results and farmers all around the world can perhaps switch to natural methods without worrying about crop spoiling due to pests. Read the rest of the details on The Daily Star

Kashmir University will soon have cozy food kiosks in the campus for all students which will sell light snacks, tea and eatables. This an initiative supported by local body Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) and will easily accommodate upto 25 people. These kiosks will be eco-friendly keeping in mind Kashmir region’s natural beauty and also be very affordable for the students who can’t afford daily meals at the local cafe. Read the rest of the details on Kashmir Life

Indian American engineer Raj Parikh has designed a system using solar & air energy to melt off snow in the driveway using a “Geothermal Snowmelt System” and warm up the water at 100*C for his New Jersey home. The family uses the sun light and the ground area to heat and cool the house as well. During the winter, the house intakes air warmed by the sun and carries it 12 feet underground to be heated by the ground before piping it inside. This system is as its free of any kind of combustion and fuel use. Read the rest of the details of this green house at The Economic Times, The Universal News Network

Which green inventions do you know of or have invented that can help save Planet Earth. Share your inputs on The Positive Media.


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