Eco-friendly News – Green inventions & technologies

Microsoft is currently testing a seabed server that is more cost-efficient and promises to provide better connectivity to users. This steel capsule has be placed 30feet deep in the Pacific Ocean and is a prototype data centre that is currently in its testing phase. Called project Natick, this underwater data server will consume renewable power sources such as tidal and wave energy. These data centres are probably how network servers will be set up in the future considering that they are cost-effective in terms of the natural cool climate the underwater environs provide them to deal with the over-heating of the systems. Read the rest of the details on Daily Mail UK

Ricoh has recently launched eco-friendly AR Latex inks that can be easily used for heat-sensitive media. This product has been accredited with the Greenguard Gold certification by UL Environment. Its been found that these inks have low chemical emissions and an improvement in air quality has been observed wherever they have been used. Additionally, these inks have minimal VOCs and odour, eliminating the need for special ventilation, making them suitable for medical & educational facilities. Read the  rest of the details on Ricoh Europe

A team of scientists at The University of Saskatchewan in Canada have discovered an eco-friendly way to extract gold from waste materials in just a few seconds. This process is quite cost-effective and involves using a solution of acetic acid along with small amounts of an oxidant and another acid. This helps to remove the gold easily from cell phones, computer chips and circuits in juts 10 seconds whilst keeping the other metals intact. This is perhaps the first step for gold recycling that can be applied on large-scale operations around the globe. Read the rest of the details on IBN Live

Which eco-friendly inventions & innovations are you excited about?  Share your ideas and feedback on The Positive Media.

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