Positive Movie Review – The Intern


‘The Intern’ is a story about a 70-year old, mild mannered but retired vice-president (Robert DeNiro) who stays fit and active after his wife passes way and yet motivated enough to rewind his career and sign up as an intern in a place teeming with much younger people.

Besides, the fact the story breaks the glass ceiling as it smartly portrays a woman (who owns the company) as the bread winner and her husband as a full time guardian of their child; it is refreshing to note the attitude brought to the table by the newest intern (who is a true professional) now working his way around the bottom of the ladder…


This is my set of notes from that movie and even though it may sound obvious or even trite to many, it still serves as a gentle reminder to each one of us.


Robert DeNiro is totally unassuming in his demeanor even when he is the only one wearing formals every day in a highly informal workplace. Although he was once a high-flying executive, he keeps his head down and does not walk around offering unsolicited advice. Further, he comes across as approachable, generous, chivalrous in gestures and altogether exudes the quiet confidence of a man you can trust.

When asked for advice or challenged to respond in a difficult situation, he answers in a friendly manner and always keeps it light and professional with a touch of humour. There are scenes where you may want to shake your fist at the unfairness of it but he refuses to react negatively because the situation turned out differently than he hoped.

Napoleon Hill once asked, ‘If you were own employer, would you be entirely satisfied with your day’s work? Can you honestly say at end of the day, you have given 100% of your time and talents? If it were your company, would you like it to be filled with more people like you, or would you prefer individuals with little more initiative?’

DeNiro scores big again as he proactive seeks work-to-do, does stuff no else bothers, pays attention to detail, keenly observant but careful of his action, enthusiastically tackles new topics, not afraid to apply his skills on uncharted waters– all this after he is asked in no uncertain terms, to sit in a corner and not get in the way – so much so, he goes ahead to earn a reputation as the go-to-guy in the same place and redoubtably wins over his skeptics and critics alike!


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.





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