21 Stunning Images in the Clouds That Are Not What They Seem

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  1. Lenticular clouds are often confused with UFO sightings due to their layered and disk like appearance
  2. Mammatus clouds and Tubular clouds resembling bulbs or breasts in the sky can make a spectacular display
  3. Morning Glory, Arcus, Shelf and Rolling clouds sometimes resemble gigantic rolls in the sky
  4. Nacreous clouds, Iridescent or Rainbow clouds are another rare treat to capture in the sky
  5. Kelvin-helmholdz clouds are beautiful rippling wave like clouds that last momentarily when formed
  6. Asperitus or Asperatus clouds and Undulatus clouds can look quite intimidating as if warning of thunder
  7. A Fallstreak hole or a Punch Hole cloud is caused due to localized downdraft movements of air
  8. Fata Morgana is an optical illusion or mirage caused due to refraction, making a straight or reverse image of something appear over the horizon including cities in clouds such as seen in China, Colorado and Mexico in the above pics. A similar sighting was reported by hundreds of villagers in Dulali Village of Bauchi, Nigeria though it still remains a mystery as it was a village with no skyscrapers for a Fata Morgana refraction and hundreds of villagers reported hearing mechanical sounds and seeing the city fly past.


Nature and the universe are always calling out to us. As we observe and marvel at its wonders we learn more about ourselves.

What have you found fascinating and unbelievable in nature…share your story with us on thepositivemedia@gmail.com

The Positive Media

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