Release, Cleanse, Purge with the Waning Moon!

The Waning Moon is a very powerful phase for cleansing rituals in many cultures. It helps us release the shadows & unwanted things and make room for fresher things & vibrations. Here are a few tips to release the old and heal self, spaces & soul. .


  1. Release the Old & Unwanted: Whether its clothes, worn out shoes, books or just clutter in your home – clear it all out as the moon is waning. Let go of all things that are rusty, not working or just lying useless – donate them or recycle.  This process helps you physically remove stuck up energies in the material sphere of your life and makes room for the new to enter. This also helps you prioritise what you need or don’t and helps you spend more wisely in the future.                                                      
  2. Heal Shadow Self: We all have a dark or shadow self. This self is caught up in fears, temptations, dis-disillusionment, anger, pain, envy, unhealthy lifestyles and in old memories & toxic relationships. Introspect during the Waning Moon and check which aspects your self do not serve your highest good or soul purpose. Release these unwanted energies through meditation, self-help workshops, anger management or counselling – whichever path suits you. Affirm – ” I am now choosing to cleanse myself and any/all thoughts, feelings, memories, situations, beings, events, beliefs that no longer serve my highest good & soul purpose. I ask all energies that are less than love to be transmuted into pure light for the highest good of all. So it is now.” And then, energise your radiant self.Meditation


3. Detox & Depilation: The waning moon is a great time to purge! Go on a detox diet and clear the toxins from your body with a diet of fruits, salads, juices, smoothies & more. This increases the energy flow of  your chakras (energy centres of the subtle body) and helps you ‘lighten up’. This is also a great time to get that long-overdue hairdo to cut off the dead-ends & give your tresses some bounce. Also enjoy other grooming rituals – manicures, pedicures, facials, depilation to remove the dead cells from your skin. Use natural homemade scrubs, peels,  pastes from fruits or plants like aloe vera for that natural glow.


4. Smudge your Spaces: Energies often get accumulated in corners of your favourite spaces like your home or office. These can be identified when cobwebs, dirt spots, or smells linger in unused or frequently used places in your environs.  Clean them up and then use the natural fragrance of sage, incense or any other aromatic herbs to lift up the auric energies of your surroundings.


5. Prune your Greens: Remove dry leaves, weeds or even dead plants that are no longer fresh or lively. Replace pots, sharpen your gardening tools and fences -this is great for rejuvenating the greens and also for your overall well-being. It lets your plants know you care and creates vibrations for them to blossom once again.

Which Waning Moon rituals do you follow? Share your inputs with us and get featured on The Positive Media.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in food & fashion. Connect with her on


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