The Secret Science of Pyramids

In popular culture, pyramids are portrayed by accursed mummies watching over ill-luck treasures. Yet, students of Egyptology know that this superstition is wholly contrary to thought and belief! Moreover, any archaeologist worth his/her salt would tell you, pyramids were no more burial rooms than churches are graveyards…

If anything, pyramids in symbolism represent higher energies cascading four sides or four elements – spiritual energy entering the world of fire, air, water, land – a reason why pyramids are placed around houses the world over to purify energy and enhance well-being.

In fact, popular accounts go further to explain how pyramids can step up frequencies leading to higher consciousness. Given the new discovery of pyramids in Europe, is history then a fable agreed upon?


Undreamt of by modern science, whoever built the ancient mega pyramids could be masters in manipulating sound frequency. If history moves in cycles and 100 years ago, ultrasonography or advanced radar technology was science fiction, 5000 years ago, the application of acoustic, harmonic grid or resonant levitation could well be scientific fact and may explain construction of pyramids by playing intricate musical instruments.

If nothing, the theory of back-breaking labor involved in carrying massive stones across vast distances and building huge pyramids with hand tools and vine ropes beggars imagination! So, if geological study can prove where the blocks come from, shining cosmic particles might simply work in lifting pyramids from the shroud of darkness.

The Positive Media

Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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