Breastmilk Protein Could Wipe off Antibiotic Resistant Super-bugs and Heal Incurable Diseases


We all know that mother’s milk is best for babies, but did you know, latest research carried out by the National Physical Laboratory and University College London, has proven that lactoferrin, a component of a protein which naturally occurs in breast milk, destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses as soon as it touches them and even destroys antibiotic resistant germs which have been a major concern for medical professionals off late. Experts had warned that the health threat antibiotic resistant super-bugs would cost the world ten million lives and £700 billion a year by 2050 if no treatment is developed. This latest finding about the powers of breastmilk protein has been a boon to the world in this scenario.

What’s more – researchers hope that this protein will one day also help to combat terminal diseases, such as sickle-cell anaemia, that are currently considered incurable.

The latest findings were reported in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Chemical Science

Read More Here and Here


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