Positive News – Agriculture Comes Of Age



If Bill Gates’ vision was ‘a computer in every home’, several private firms are rewriting the practice of agriculture by non-traditional means and methods, with a vision of ‘food on every table’.


In a ‘first of its kind’, you have the:


1. World’s first underground farm in UK that reuses old and unused WWII tunnels.


2. World’s largest vertical farm in US, 75X more productive than open field farms.


3. World’s first floating farm in Spain wasting no land/water, making 75 tons of food.


4. World’s largest indoor farm in Japan, 100X more productive, 80% less food waste.


Or, listen to this TED talk on how to grow crops without water as a solution to feed a rising population with less arable land.


Finally, a summary of visionary projects from bio-printing food to food-on-demand!



Positive News. Always!

The Positive Media

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