Rare Planetary Alignment to Manifest Your Intentions

Almost all major astrological planets will be aligning in the sky…visible in one line as seen from earth, from now till Feb 20th. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 2005. This could be a great time for adding focus to your goals in every area of your life.

planets align

Courtesy: Museum Victoria/Stellarium

Positions of the aligning planets (sidereal astrology uses more accurate space data):

  • Mercury retro in Sagittarius is turning direct on 25th January symbolizing a clearer picture for travel, finances and communication.
  • Venus transits to Sagittarius today and stays there till 12th February symbolizing creative ventures and initiatives.
  • Saturn is in Scorpio and you can even see the zodiac of Scorpio next to Saturn in the sky, symbolic of self-discipline and banishing of negativity.
  • Mars is in Libra until the 20th Feb denoting peace, justice and healing amidst conflict
  • Jupiter is retrograde in Leo symbolic of a return of ancient wisdom and spiritual leadership.

As we know sun is in the practical sign of Capricorn this month since Makar Sankranti on 14th Jan until 14th Feb, symbolizing business and enterprises. Today there is an exalted waxing moon in Taurus which is symbolic of growth and increase of anything positive. Moon will be full in Cancer on the 25th January to denote intuitive strength and abundance.


SUGGESTION: You can rephrase your wishes in the form of positive affirmations or statements framed in the present tense, or write your goals on paper and energize them by lighting a beautiful candle while you meditate and visualize success in your chosen goals.


Whatever be the way as you focus on your intentions, the planets are now aligning to your intentions and everything seems to be coming together to support your wish. Take a positive step today to get closer to your dreams!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide. You can know more on www.swatiprakash.com


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