Positive News Today: Conserving Marine Habitat


Earlier this week we focused on healing the waters of earth at The Positive Media and asked you to look for the signs. Well here is one already:

The ‘Blue Belt’ of marine conservation in UK is about to more than double in size following the designation of 23 additional safeguarded areas covering 4,155 square miles of marine habitat as reported by Telegraph and The Yorkshire post

Commentary from George Eustice, marine minister

The UK is surrounded by some of the richest and most diverse sea life in the world, from the bright pink sea-fan coral colonies off the south-west coast, to the great chalk reef stretches in the east. Our underwater habitats support a treasure trove of surprisingly exotic wildlife—spiny lobsters off the south and west coasts, whose armour-like orange-brown shells are shed as they grow; stalked jellyfish which appear upside-down because their tentacles sit on the top of their bodies; tall, luminous soft corals growing on our sea beds, known as sea pens because they look like old-fashioned quills. In our manifesto we promised to protect these precious marine species, and their habitats with a ‘Blue Belt’ around the UK coast. This month, we are making this a reality by creating 23 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), covering almost 8,000 square miles—an area the size of Wales -and protecting 45 different types of habitat, geological features and species. This will be the largest Blue Belt expansion so far, bringing the total number of MCZs around our coast to 50 and protecting more than a fifth of English waters, from the Northumberland coast to Land’s End.

Courtesy: Telegraph 


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