Your Positive Tarot Message Today


This card from the Osho Zen Tarot is the 2 of Waters.

Water is the element of emotion, intuition and compassion. In this card we see two trees, healthy and strong, standing tall besides each other, yet their branches mingle and merge subtly as their colourful autumn leaves fall gently down.

To be in a happy relationship with another, we have to be happy ourselves first. Two incomplete people do not complete each other, they remain two incomplete people leaning on each other, wanting from each other, yet remaining just… two unhappy people. We have to learn to be independent, strong and self-fulfilled first. When we find inner joy, everything heals and improves. Our relationships transform to sheer joy. Growing together is fun when each one of us is firmly rooted individually to begin with. In real love we make no demands from each other. It is unconditional because each of us has found our own infinite source within. Such a loving relationship only strengthens from season to season.

Our twin flame is just ourself, reflected back in another’s form.

Know Thyself!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and the founder of Global Wicca

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