Eco-friendly News -Mosques, Buses and Weddings go green in India

‘Going Green’ and getting more conscientious about Natural Energy Resources is the way forward and its really good to see that many positive changes are happening around the world to conserve energy and to preserve Mother Nature. In recent times, India has seen many eco-friendly initiatives and here’s a gist of some of them:

Pic Courtesy - Times of India.jpg
Pic Courtesy: Times of India

An architectural & sustainable beauty, Bad-riya Jum’a Masjid at Kodi in Kundapur has many eco-friendly features built by the Beary Group. The mosque was inaugurated by All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) President Moulana Sayyed Mohammed and Rabey Hasani Nadvi. This is “The world’s first zero-energy eco-friendly green mosque” as it has been designed to be maintained by renewable sources of wind and solar energy. Its surrounded by plantations of date, coconut and mango trees and a huge water tank to keep it naturally breezy and cool. The plumbing has “Pressmatic” taps that allow only a fixed amount of water to flow. The building is ‘L Shaped’, is 70 feet high, has a wind turbine on the minaret for electricity, large glass windows for air and light – all of which contribute to keep the shrine well-ventilated and devotees comfortable. Read all the details on: Deccan Herald, Daiji World.

Electric Bus.jpg

The State of Himachal Pradesh has introduced Electric buses which are more eco-friendly than diesel and petrol counterparts as their carbon emissions pose threat to the Himalayan Range & Glaciers. This project has been granted 35 crores by The Central Government and plans to set up charging stations for their battery at bus stations are already under way. An electric bus can run around 100 kms after being charged, zero pollution and also will help in reducing vehicular traffic in the plains. Read all the details on: Himalayan Watcher, Times of India.

eco-friendly weddings.jpg

Pic Courtesy: Times of India.

Another trend that’s picking up is of An Eco-friendly Wedding. A typical Indian Wedding is lavish with greeting cards, all sorts of floral, electric & floor decorations. However, keeping in mind the huge garbage disposal problems many couples are choosing to go green with minimal wastes. A recent example of this was transport minister Ramalinga Reddy’s daughter Sowmya’s wedding with Abhishek Raje which was organised by a group of waste-pickers. The decor was made from recycled paper, cruelty-free products were used for make-up & clothes, the giveaways (wedding favours) were plant saplings such as mango, sandal and neem, vegan treats & keychains with messages. Even last year,  Civic Activist Meenakshi Bharat’s daughter’s wedding was similarly conducted with e-invites, a polite refusal for floral bouquets, and easily decomposable coconut fronds & strings of flowers for decor. Read the rest of the details on Times of India.

Which eco-friendly measures would you take or are taking to conserve natural resources? Which are the simple things one can do for reducing & disposing garbage levels? Share your inputs with us and get featured on The Positive Media.

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