Where Are They?


Crop circles. Stone circles. Ley lines. UFO sightings. The signs are all over the place but where are they? Fermi’s paradox on why we have not yet befriended ETs, even though the potential of intelligent life out there is mathematically so high…has baffled men for ages. Either, we are alone or we are not! Both are terrifying prospects so philosophers and scientists have thought out several explanations but no clear answer till date.

Mankind is divided in two camps around this. Those who believe in aliens and those who don’t. Every other argument is mere detail. If they exist, it raises more questions than answers. If they don’t, it raises the question, why billions of billions of stars, when life is limited around one, very ordinary star?

If the latter is true, as Carl Sagan (co-founder of SETI) said, ‘it’s an awful waste of space!’ Or, as Jill Tarter (present director) says of the former, ‘All of SETI efforts, over the last 40-some years, are equivalent to scooping a single glass of water from the oceans. And no one can decide if the ocean is without fish, on the basis of one glass of water’.


Diehard skeptics aside, scientists are starting to acknowledge alien life could possibly exist in globular star clusters or at least, around one inexplicable star. Mind you, acknowledge…not accepted but still, a sign of openness to discuss further, about what philosophers have cried hoarse for centuries!

For all you know, as we technologically mature and stare harder, longer, deeper into space with bigger, brighter, better telescopes and more importantly, together mature as a race, ‘official’ contact with extraterrestrial intelligence could come about so gradually or naturally, by the time we admit it, we would be perfectly used to the idea of it.

Notwithstanding the argument, the reason why aliens don’t contact us, cause they are too alien to have anything in common or the same reason why we don’t waste lot of time talking to goldfish…it is commonly agreed a highly advanced civilization will not want to draw attention to itself (like any A-listed celebrity), similar to Star Trek’s Prime Directive.

After all, one can only create so many crop circles without starting to look desperate!


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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