Holistic Education for Underpriviliged Kids: Premshala by Hitesh and Shubhangi Vashisht

Today’s Positive Story features young couple and twin souls Hitesh and Shubhangi Vashisht who have celebrated the first anniversary of Premshala, a school they started specially for underprivileged kids.
Premshala is not just a school for kids of families who can’t afford education, it’s a sacred space where they get the opportunity to grow holistically.
With two children on 25th Dec, 2014, we started Premshala to follow the voice of our hearts. It feels so warming to see how this family is growing. Each and every child of Premshala is growing as a being with unique fragrance. There is no money that is being taken from any of the kids for education. It runs purely on the heartfelt donations shared by people who resonate with its vision. 

On 25th Dec, 2015, we celebrated its first anniversary and during this entire year, we got great opportunities to spend time with all these kids. It was never that they learnt, it was always ‘We learnt’!!

We are thankful to everyone who continue to inspire us in this work. Especially Dada, Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Dr. Lakshmi GV, Richa, Prawesh and all members of YGPT Group

Hitesh Vashishth is a Human Resource Professional, Meditation Enthusiast, Past Life Regression Therapist, Rebirthing Breathworker, Inner Child Worker, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Counselor and Motivator

His blog is https://eternalblissinyou.wordpress.com/


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