A Spell to Heal the Waters of Earth

ocean healing
BACKGROUND: We have heard of so many problems such as flooding, storms, global warming, mass washing ashore of whales and many such signs of climate change. Yet there is a lot that we can do right now that can send the right healing energy.
PURPOSE: We can right now heal earth of all dangers of global warming, flooding and disease to prevent disasters and protect our eco-system including but not limited to humans.
METHOD: Through our minds guided by spirit, we can help visualise and manifest a better earth.
To heal our waters and seas, from now till the full moon kindly send healing to the oceans of earth to heal the eco-system and marine life, and to help our climate come into divine harmony and balance right now.
Just meditate with a peaceful mind for as much time as you can on any day you can (it could be daily) until the full moon. After meditating visualise a beautifully divine light of healing enter the oceans of earth and affirm:
‘Oceans of the world heal at once,
Health and happiness returns,
Waters fill with peace and calm,
To protect all life from harm,
By the earth, wind, fire, and sea,
As I Will so mote it be’
You can vary this ritual to suit your own healing system or tradition if you like.
TIMING: Best done between new to full moon (waxing moon phase)
HOW TO KNOW IT WORKS: The way healing works is in natural and scientific ways, manifesting in several things including our own actions and decisions at a global level. Whenever there is any positive initiative or change it is a sign that all the healing done throughout the years is all working.
Look out for the healing signs!
…kindly share this with others to amplify the healing

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