Positive News Today – Caring for the Environment

Nature nurtures us with its abundance and we must nurture it too – to keep the flow of energy constant. One of the ways to conserve it is to adopt environment-friendly measures. Here’s a small snippet of the  measures around the world to treasure Earth’s natural resources.

The outplanted corals by the Shedd Aquarium and SECORE Foundation. Photo by: Valerie Chamberland

Underwater corals are essential to provide and support underwater plants and animals. The International SECORE Foundation and Shedd Aquarium along with many other aqua researchers are constantly striving to find scientific ways to restore and protect these reefs. In a recent finding this team experimented with Elkhorn coral and to see if it could reproduce and they found that “outplanting sexual coral recruits” in large numbers will restore tropical reef communities. This is great news for Caribbean Waters as the Elkhorn Corals are a major reef-building community that nurtures and sustains the underwater life. The SECORE Foundation and Shedd Aquarium along with other scientists are now researching other ways to restore corals around global waters. read the full report on National Geographic.

Autobahn Germnay
The dis-used Railroad tracks in Germany’s North-western Ruhr Industrial region which will be utilised for the Cycle Autobahn’s. Pic Source: AFP

Cycling is a healthy sport, a great way to travel short & long distances and also quite environment-friendly. Cycling is a  popular means of transport especially in Europe. Germany is undertaking the construction of 62 mile car-free Autobahns or Highways exclusively for cyclists between the northwestern cities of Duisburg and Ham. A 3 mile highway has already been built before the New Year and the rest of the route will soon follow and utilise the dis-used railroad tracks in Germany’s Ruhr Industrial region. The routes are 3 metres wide, cleared of snow in winter and  well-lit. This will also help to cut down on carbon dioxide release from vehicles and help in reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions. Read the complete story on Take Part.

Which environment initiates would you like to undertake or are already are part of? What are the little things that can be practised in real life to nurture nature and its resources? Share your ideas and insights with us on thepositivemedia@gmail.com and get featured.

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