New Moon 2016: Powerful Manifestation Awaits, Are You Ready?

Guest Post by Kanchan R Sharma

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you read this.. For they might have important messages for you..!



What a perfect message for the new moon!! Now is the time for new beginnings and sowing the seeds to the future..! Now Is the time to create and manifest whatever you want in life..!!!

Manifestation is a procedure..! It takes time and patience and solid trust and dedication towards your goals and desires..!!

Since today is the new moon and also the 10th day of the month, which is int the energy of number 1, connected with new ideas and inspirations to achieve your goals and desires..its a great day for beginning on this process this year.

Before we being with the manifestation, here is what you can do:
Ask yourself – Are you ready to manifest a life of your choice..?
Are your mind and body and system ready for this huge transformation..?
Observe the answers that you get..
Are these answers in sync with your goals and desires? Or do yo want to reframe them to something which is more acceptable to your system?

If you still want to to continue with the same goals or identity then what is the reason you are blocking yourself from fully accepting this transformation?

Is it fear of change? Or Is it a limiting belief that is holding you back? Or is it just plain guilt or hurt from the past that is not allowing you to make the change..!!

Yes.. Manifestation is a change..! A big one..! Where YOUR dreams and desires come true.. And one of the ways to welcome this change is to behave as if the change has already occurred..!!

This will not only open you up to the energies of the change but also give a boost to your manifestation process by showing the universe that you are ready for this transformation..!!!!

Go for it..!! Enact. Be the change you wish to see in your life..!!!

Power Punch:
Manifestation is easy, when you become one with the universe where there is no place for fear or doubt..!!

– Kanchan RK Sharma

Kanchan is the founder of Aurora institute of metaphysics. Her blog is

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