Today’s Positive Story – The Broken Glass

This inspiring story was recounted by a man who survived a concentration camp and had later counseled many to overcome depression, during a toast to honor his grit and gumption…

“I was born in a poor family and my parents passed away soon after my birth. As a child, I got no toys to play with, except ones I found buried in the rubble and I was particularly fascinated by a piece of glass, I discovered while scavenging one day.

I was captivated by the way light shone through this piece of glass and I played with it in the day and kept it by my side when I slept and it turned into a constant companion.

As I grew older, my obsession only increased and I carried it wherever I went and held it up against the sun, when I had a moment and watched the reflection at different angles, to my joy and delight.

After the war got over, many inquired how I had survived and it was then I realized, this piece of glass that I tightly held to during those days, kept me going. This broken piece of glass somewhere told me, we all have what it takes to reflect light and goodness even in our darkest hours. In fact, it is all the more humbling to recognize, we are not the source of light but have a choice to wipe the glass to clearly reflect that light.

No matter how much we are broken, that light can still shine through.”


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