Your Year 2016 in Runes: A Magickal Guidance

Runes are an ancient alphabet with spiritual symbols, used both in divination and spells. In this reading for the year for you, I have used the popular Futhark runes for a simple message and an easy spell for each one of the zodiac signs.

ariesARIES mannaz Mannaz

The rune Mannaz is a sign representing humanity or mankind. For 2016 its message for Aries is to connect with others, reach out and build relationships. You will find more meaning and purpose in the way you help others. You will be at more and more peace with the universe as the year goes by. New connections will be formed and old will be strengthed. Society, family and community all will be a greater support to you.

Draw the symbol of this rune and keep it upright in a picture album with photos of your family, friends and people you care about to keep the bonds strong.

taurusTAURUSlaguz revLaguz Reversed

The rune laguz is a symbol of depth and hidden powers. When reversed it symbolises a year when you are to emerge into the surface, be out there in the forefront and let the world know you. You will find much more success in conventional and practical work where you directly interact with the outer world, rather than staying in a shell. This is no year to keep your relationship or career moves a secret. Make things official.

To balance the inner and outer world, keep the laguz rune under your pillow to help you deepen your spiritual insights through dreams.

gemGEMINI eiwazEihwaz

Eihwaz is considered the rune of resurrection. This year you are back and making a whole new start. If you had abandoned a dream or stopped yourself from hoping, look up again as you have another chance now. Your hidden and past life talents will be reused again in your life. A dark phase is over and a brighter one might take its place provided you stay optmistic. Rest assured you are going to be more powerful than you thought you were.

Write any unfulfilled wishes or intentions on a piece of paper and draw this rune on it to allow them another chance of manifesting.

cancerCANCER othalo Othala

The Othala rune is a sign of wealth, property or home. You might receive inheritence or a generosity from ancestors. Or perhaps a property investment will lead to more wealth. This rune also shows that 2016 is  good year for your family and for being surrounded by people who love you. You will be firmly established in your roots, grounded and secure. Yet, you will feel safe to grow steadily as per your plans.

Draw this symbol on an image of your dream home to increase your chances of acquiring it.

leoLEO ansuz Ansuz

The rune Ansuz is a symbol of divine intervention. You are receiving a lot of heavenly blessings this year. Most of your problems are being sorted through the higher force. You are also receiving much success and abundance from the universe through your faith in your inner self. Meditation and inner work will go a long way to attune you with the higher powers that be. Be open and receptive as a lot of good is coming your way.

Keep this rune close to you for connecting with the higher guides and masters and allowing their guidance at all times.

virgoVIRGO kenazrev Kenaz reversed

Kenaz is a rune that represents awareness and light. Its reversal indicates that you might feel more solitary this year, withdrawn and self focused. You will be more interested in inner than outer knowledge. You might feel like distancing yourself from things that no longer enrich you, such as negative news or meaningless entertainment. While others might find you secretive you know you have nothing to hide except what you must.

Write your most personal goals and secrets on paper and lock them in a box with the Kenaz reversed on top to prevent the wrong eyes from seeing them.


The rune Thurisaz means thorn which makes it a sign that problems or obstacles will be met with positivity. You shall find that your intuition is guiding you to understand what is in your way, whether outer or inner obstacles are on your path. Also remember that there are inner reasons for all outer issues, and cleanse your chakras and aura more often this year to keep all the good coming into your life.

Draw this rune on a paper on which are written all the challenges you are facing, then burn it in a black candle to visualise that all obstacles have been banished away.

scorpioSCORPIO wyrd Wyrd

The blank rune or Wyrd is a symbol of the unexpected. Its pure magick when anything and everything can happen this year. You have the power and its upto you how to apply it. If you are wise you will use this opportunity to enhance peace and prosperity, love and light. Unwise and you might end up hurting yourself or others. This is the year when you realize its better to be careful what you wish for, for it will come true.

Take a blank paper and meditate, then write a story of this year for you making it as positive as possible, as if all those things have happened already.

saggiSAGITTARIUS berkano Berkano

The rune Berkano is a symbol of nourishment, representing the mother goddess and her love. You will find that this year you develop a better relationship with the feminine side of yourself and with your female relatives, friends and partners. You will be helped and supported by others most of this year. Its time to nourish and care for yourself. Love and kindness will be shared generously, be receptive.

Place this runic symbol on your altar or spiritual area for connecting with the divine feminine this year.

capriCAPRICORN yeraJera

The Jera rune represents the fulfillment of a rewarding year, and promises that you will be receive the result of all you have put in in the previous years. Its a time to be grateful and to be generous with yourself. You might feel lucky and unaware of how you came to deserve all that you receive this year. However karma works in mysterious ways and it is always in balance. The good you did is returning your way so be unafraid to do more good.

Place this runic symbol on your financial documents to reap rich rewards and returns this year.

aquariusAQUARIUS wunjomerk Wunjo merkstave

The rune Wunjo is a sign of joy and happiness, yet its merkstave or dark aspect is a warning not to be too selfish or self-centered. You are surely having a lot of good in your life and the more grateful you are for it the better it is going to be this year. Stay away from excesses of any kind. Overindulgence in anything can be bad. Get rid of any negative habits or addictions and care for yourself and others. This year will surely be a good year for shadow work and self improvement if you focus so.

pisces PISCES nauthizNauthiz reversed

The Nauthiz rune is a symbol of necessity or hardships and when reversed it is a sign that the worst is behind you. You are having this year a chance of letting go of everything that was dysfunctional and getting rid of all fears. You wil start making progress ahead of all hurdles. You can cancel out or negate all negativity this year and be more dynamic and progressive once you are through with reversing the challenges.

Write all the problems or obstacles on a piece of paper with black ink and draw a large nauthiz reversed on it to indicate that you have blocked or cancelled their effect.

Hope you enjoy the magick of your runes this year!

Blessed 2016.


Swati Prakash

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