Positive News Today – Eco Friendly Inventions

With the awareness of Climate Change and the effects of global warming, the World leaders and its people are waking up with ideas and inventions to save the planet. Here is a look at some innovative technologies the past week.

You can now live in an eco-friendly mobile home while on vacation with The Ecocapsule! ‘An egg-shaped green dwelling’ this home can be used to live amidst the mountains, beach or even the countryside. This battery-operated home minimises heat loss and also provides fresh water through rain harvesting. A compact & well-designed space of 27 sq ft, it provides all the basic needs for two people living or spending time in the outdoors.

Read more about its design and functions on Nagpur Today.

Next is The Envira Pod – a solar powered mobile classroom with zero carbon footprint, its made entirely or renewable resources. The experience of teaching and learning in this environment is that “humans are part of the problem as well as the solution”. Such an ambiance inculcates mindful living in kids.

Read more on Inhabitat.

Two young boys aged 14 from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania have  invented eco-friendly reusable “EnviroBags” for everyday life. These are a more sustainable option to plastic ones which pose a serious threat to the country’s environment. Their invention has garnered appreciation and support from the Tanzania government. Read the full story on Daily News Tanzania.

How do plan to be more eco-friendly? Share your story with us on thepositivemedia@gmail.com and get featured

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