Your Positive Tarot Messages for 2016

Tarot is a magickal tool – it tells you not the future which is set in stone, but the future that YOU are creating RIGHT NOW!

Here is your magickal tarot forecast for 2016 using Tarot, drawing a card each at random through intuition for each zodiac sign.

NOTE: Although normally I prefer Vedic astrology, you can this time follow your western zodiac sun-sign, the popular one followed by most people, to read this forecast, as I am keeping it simple for the general public for now. 


ABOUT THE TAROT DECK USED FOR THIS FEATURE: I have used my own Harry Potter Tarot that I have designed based on the movies…its an unofficial non-commercial version of the deck used only by me for personal readings and created for fun – you cannot find this deck anywhere for sale but you can take a little look at these 87 cards (23 major cards and 16×4 suits of minors) if you pay me a visit. Until then enjoy some of it here!

Now, are you ready for your zodiac message for 2016? ….Here we go:



About the card: The mirror of Erised (desire) as the Six of Goblets card reflects to us whatever we want most deep within. As Harry looks into it he sees his late mom and dad.

What it means to you: The 6 of cups is all about nostalgia, memories of the past, wishes you had that remained unfulfilled until now…dreams, hopes and desires…This is the year you revist them all. Its a good year for healing your inner self, particularly through past life regression. Pay attention to your dreams and you might be transported into past memories where deep healing and realizations take place. Its also a good year to patch up, re-connect with and reach out to long lost friends and family members, including deceased ancestors. They may have loving messages for you. Rebuild, revisit and remember..healing is ‘returning to your inner self’! Meditate holding the Rhodonite stone and visualise yourself meeting people and healing memories from your past for peace and healing.



About the card: Dumbledore as the Hierophant is the perfect teacher, guru and mentor figure, providing the structured support and stability needed for magickal development

What it means to you: Feel blessed, this year you are divinely guided in the best possible way. This card will manifest as wonderful teachers, supporters and guides on your path. These could be people as well as beings of nature, whether spirits, faery guides, trees or power animals. Keep your ego aside and try to learn in as humbly as possible from these masters. You might also gain more prominence as a master and guide yourself. This card may also bring more stability and committment in relationships both at work and in personal life, including marriage and committed romance. You are wonderfully and magickally supported! Light purple candles and place a large amethyst on your desk to attract more divine guidance.



About the card: The Patronus spell is a powerful shield composed of positive vibrations. Shining your aura with bright light helps overcome dark forces and enhances your magickal power.

What it means to you: You will be strongly protected against harm and that too from within yourself. Your inner power has increased in amazing ways known or unknown to you. Expand your energy field by visualising a bright light shining from within and spreading all around. If you keep believing in the positive soon all dark forces will be warded off and you will have the space to focus on your most important goals with a mind as free and light as possible. Brighten up your mood and fill your heart and mind with love and light. This card is  sign of wishes fulfilled. Anything is possible! Wear pentacles especially the magical Solomonic seals for protection to enhance your power.



About this card: Owls bring hundreds of messages to a cheering Harry. Somehow or the other Hogwarts will ensure they get him to know that he is a wizard, no matter how much other’s try to hide it.

What it means to you: You are going to receive an abundance this year – of information, help, kindness…maybe even a windfall. Its your destiny and you cannot help but attract this abundance to you. Just remember abundance takes many forms including, but not limited to money.This year may feel overwhelming, with all these new opportunities falling over you from all around. Try to see them as blessings being showered from the universe, rather than being bogged down with all this action demanded from you. Be alert, keep all our senses including your sixth-sense open and bring it on! Frame a collage of positive images and words on your wall in the East for good news.



About the card: The elegant lifestyle, social status and luxury at the Malfoy manor is enjoyed by Narcissa, yet her heart yearns for the protection and love of her family.

What it means to you: This years brings to you wealth from business and estate. There is growth and prosperity for you to enjoy. There is reason to be satisfied. You will also splurge on yourself and take care of yourself. You might find an increase is your self confidence and self-esteem. Remember that self-love goes beyond personal appearance, retail therapy and spa visits. You truly desire a deeper and more soulful connection with yourself and loved ones, so consider being more generous with your wealth and it will return multiplied in many ways. Place a fengshui charm of 9 coins or wealth vase in the South East.



About the card: Dumbledore sleeps in his tomb with his fabled Elder wand, as its customory to bury the wizards with their wands, but nearby Voldemort looms to steal it for the power even as Dumbledore lays unaware.

What it means to you: This year you might feel like taking a break, slowing down or taking some healing. If the previous year was stressfull, it may be a good idea to allow yourself to recuperate and gather energy instead of spreading yourself too thin. Conserve and consolidate, awaiting for new beginnings when the time is right. Yet stay protected and shielded away from any negativity. You have something with you which is very powerful. Try using dreamcathers as you sleep, or a sword or athame under your matress, to protect from unwanted energies, for instance.



About the card: You may not believe in Trelawney, the in-house psychic and divination teacher at Hogwarts,  but there is seldom a time when she has been wrong, whether Harry’s birth as the Chosen One or the Tower card before Dumbledore’s fall.

What it means to you: Your year will be full of visions and dreams. You will develop a surprising intuition about everything. A creative, right-brained approach is likely to solve most problems and increase your success levels. Write your thoughts, dreams and visions down, for they might just come true. Get in touch with your emotions and follow your hunch. Sometimes its great to be in balance whenever you go overboard in your psychic world. Try to get systematic with learning divination, with runes, crystal balls, I-ching, Tarot – be creative and yet remember that everything is changeable.



About the card: Salazar Slytherin, the powerful co-founder of Hogwarts who later went his own way over differences concerning the policy of allowing muggle borns entry into Hogwarts is an imposing and feared figure.

What it means to you: You will have amazing focus on your own goals and agendas. Sometimes slightly unapproachable you will be very dedicated to your beliefs and visions. You might feel like you are all-powerful and cannot be wronged or righted by anyone, yet you are called to think not-only for yourself but also of the higher good. Try to be not so attached to your own limited thinking and open your mind to make the best of this year. Something amazing happens when you think outside the box. Place Lapiz Lazuli over your forehead and meditate to open your third eye chakra.



About the card: The wedding of Fleur and Bill is an event celebrated by the wizarding community with great joy, and even though there is a threat of attacks looming around, there are blessings to be shared with friends and family.

What it means to you: This is a good year to celebrate, enjoy and cherish good moments. Be social and invite many loved ones to be a part of your life right now. You are likely to attain success in most of the things you have decided upon, whether you goal be marriage, a new project, or a new property. Its time to let your hair down and indulge a little bit after all that hard work you did last year. Light a special candle for marriage or one for success, depending on your goal and visualise yourself celebrating it already.



About the card: Harry’s loan to the Weasley twins has not been in vain as the twins not only establish a successful shop but also return the favour to Harry in good time.

What it means to you: This is the year to share and collaborate for most of you. You will be fair in your dealings, both in giving and receiving. This is the year when karma is balanced quite well, to your satisfaction. The more you will give the more you will get in return, so be generous. You will be level headed with money and will invest in the right avenues. Your decisions are heartfelt and based on kindness. Donating to charitable causes, both in cash and kind, can be sometimes as rewarding as investing in a business, so pay it forward and the universe will keep the balance going.



About the card: The Dark Mark in the sky is a sign of the Death Eaters, who are the dark army of Voldemort. Professor Quirrel who was to teach defense against the dark arts was mind-controlled by the dark lord from the back of his head.

What it means to you: This may be the year for materialism for many of you and this is fine only as long as you do not let it control your mind. Bewarefor instance of advertising that creates false demands for things unnecessary and unuseful. Stay away from negative information and things, no matter how tempting it is to click or pick. Be fearless and destroy any negativity that might be in your life through banishing spells. Light black candles and send all that negativity into the black hole of transformation.



About the card: The figure of death is here and so are the three deathly hallows, the symbols of immortality being the circle for the resurrection stone, the line for the elder wand and the triangle for the invisibility cloak.

What it means to you: Death is a card of change and transition. It is a passage from one phase to another, when lessons are learnt, you say goodbye to what has passed and prepare yourself for new beginnings. This year will be a major year for detaching from anything that was not working well in your life, whether an obsolete project or a restrictive partnership. Remember that you have an immortal and limitless soul that is not bound by any attachments, and be true to your inner self. Meditate and visualise that you are cutting the cords connecting to you from any unwanted sources and set yourself free.

In short, there is always something positive in every card that life deals out to you. Try to see it that way, and that is what you will manifest.

I hope you enjoyed the messages from this rare Harry Potter tarot!


Blessed Be

Swati Prakash

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