Top 3 World Leaders To Watch In 2016

This article focuses on positive world leaders who have the much needed drive and humility to make a difference in politics – positive people who show signs of promise irrespective of political leanings or past mistakes, at the end of the day. This article is not interested in pointing out where the person was wrong or could have done better but simply looks at what they achieved in their watch and why we can look forward to them in 2016.

That said, let’s check out those top 3 faces in the race.


Barack Obama.

It is no small feat to hold fort in the Oval office among the many portraits and spirits of men who bent their backs to build the great nation. In a nation sharply divided today between politicians offering mealy mouthed sound bites on one side and scandalous statements on the other, Barack Obama stands out for his firm, decisive action.

It is one thing to go around gerrymandering votes while fielding a press whose job is ‘to keep you honest’ and another, sitting at a table listening to conflicting military opinions and still going ahead and doing whatever needs to be done in the best interest of not just one country but the world!

No skeletons in the cupboard, his image is of a man-good-to-the-bone and down to earth.



Narendra Modi.

If the formula of success is either rise early and work hard or strike oil- it is refreshing to see a result oriented politician, not known to shy away from rising early and meeting the Russian President for breakfast, Afghanistan Heads of State for lunch and Pakistan’s Prime Minister for high tea while busy improving economic and people relations! Critics may argue, several of his predecessors have done exactly the same but how many have traveled as a mere formality, shaken hands, smiled at shutterbugs, responded with a cursory nod and grunt and how many were warmly welcomed by political and business leaders alike, have tried to make their trips count and more often than not, walked the talk? You can count all the names of the latter in one hand and Narendra Modi is one.

Especially in a nation of politicians, busy in striking oil, gold, coal…and what-have-you, in the name of work.



Justin Trudeau.

‘Teacher. Father. Advocate. Leader’ – says his webpage. Not ‘Canadian PM’. Perfect example to bear in mind whenever anyone is tempted to embellish email signatures!

It is easy to see women don’t like him just for his looks but because he openly says, he is proud to be a feminist, stands up for indigenous people rights and generous towards refugees. He won hearts, shaking hands with random people on the street, soon after he was elected in office instead of going off to some shindig to celebrate with his associates.

Skeptics may say, he is a new kid on the block but let’s not forget, he walked around city blocks and pounded the pavement with a clipboard in hand, knocking on countless doors requesting to vote and befriending thousands in the process. Justin Trudeau comes across a guy who won’t hesitate to roll up sleeves at a moment’s notice and put shoulders to the wheel with you as he actually started his career working in a garage – a far cry from politicians who stay in ivory towers with acolytes doing the legwork at the snap of fingers.



In the final analysis, no matter how different their religious upbringing or how disparate their political ideologies may seem, the inarguable fact is, these 3 men have that common touch, are humble, hard-working and happy to make their country and clime a better place for you and me to live, in the days to come…!


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.


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