Unleash the Power of Your Personal 2016 Year Number

Your year number is one fabulous way to check the overall frequency of the year for you based on your date and month of birth. This is calculated by adding your birthdate and birth month numbers together with the number of the current year.

Add all digits till there is a singular digit.
For example if you were born on 12 May, your year number is (1+2+0+5) + (2+0+1+6) = 8. But if you were born 30 Aug, your current year number would be (3+0+0+8) + (2+0+1+6) = 11 the digits of which which would further add into 2.

Tip: The number of 2016 is 2+0+1+6 = 9, which when added to any other number does not change it. So your year number this year will be the same as the sum of your date and month of birth.

So take a moment to calculate your personal year number for 2016…

Ready?….Here are your messages based on the year number for 2016. Take them as an overall guidance based on your karmic pattern carried in you at the time of your birth.

1Number One represents new beginnings and initiatives. You are called to take charge of your life now. This year will be steered by you in more ways than you can imagine. Whether at work or home, you will be centerstage and in the lead for most of your projects. Be aware of the fallacy of ego and try harder to allow others to shine whenever you seem to be going overboard in your personal march of fame.

2Number Two is a sign of partnerships. You are urged to listen and understand others, especially the words they do not say. Intuition will be key to decipher those hidden messages of the inner psyche, so use your intuition. You will be able to work things out with most people you care about. Whether its business or love, this is the year for partnership and marriage for many of you.

3 (1)The number Three is a number of expansion. This is the year to grow the saplings you planted in the past. Create more of whatever you love. Whether it is luck or prosperity, family or team, you will see growth this year in some way or the other. Share the joy with the lesser fortunate and you will find your good karma returning your way three-fold.

4Number Four is a symbol of grounding and setting up the framework of your life. If you are pleased with something it may be a good idea to let this energy settle in for a while and enjoy the stability it brings in. Things that have worked for you so far may be likely to continue working this year too. Let the program run itself.

5Number Five has the energy of movement and change. If you fancy moving house, jobs, travelling more and being more out and about, then this is the year you get your wishes. If the energy of the year becomes too restless and unsettled try using it to get things done faster using the power of your mind. You will find that you have a lot of it.

6The number Six is a harmonious one, bringing love, compassion, healing and unity in your life. Its also a sensual number to bring you in touch with your romantic and creative self. You might indulge in beauty, body-care, artistic pursuits, luxury, shopping and socialising very often this year. Enjoy it while it lasts.

7The mystical number Seven brings you in touch with the mystery of the universe and a new search for the secrets of life. You will be stimulated with intellectual ideas and discussions. You might even find your true lucky charms and formulas down the path as the year progresses. Keep going on the quest and it will be for your best.

8The mighty Eight is a number of strength and power. Its infinite potential is overpowering and a bit hard to manage for some. This year might seem like a lofty one but if you were to meditate and find your inner power, the year will be magnificient. Don’t get stressed and open your mind to make the best of this year.

9Nine is the inherent vibration of 2016 and especially for you as it is your personal year number as well. You will find that many things are now coming together and the world is finally making sense. You will see how you can indeed change the world in your own way through your presence, your thoughts and actions, and doing this is a reward in itself.

Have a spectacular New Year 2016!

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author. You can read more on www.swatiprakash.com

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