Positive News Today – Stories fom Japan, Nigeria and Australia

Starting off the New Year 2016 on a positive note: here’s more positive news from around the globe!

  1. Read about Kamikatsu – A Japanese Town that which separates all its garbage in 34 different sections so that all the produced waste can be recycled. Its aiming to be “Zero Waste” by 2020. Read the full story here – Courtesy: One Green Planet

Also watch their recycling process on


2. Next is this inspiring story of a once illegal immigrant Anselm Okoukoni who journeyed to Greece, Italy, London and finally turned his life around by opening his own plumbing business after getting a genuine degree in plumbing, heating, gas and building services engineering. Today, he has a flourishing business in Nigeria where he employs 12 plumbers and 2 apprentices and pays them more than the minimum wage so that they remain motivated to learn the trade and grow as professionals. Read the full story here – Courtesy: NAIJ

3. Finally read about this amazing device called “Seabin” created by two Australians that collects all the garbage from the Sea on its own without harming the marine life. The USP of this invention is that it pumps out clean water which flows back into the sea, it works on its own 24/7 and its cheap! This device has already attracted a lot of financial investments and will soon be available in the market. Read the full story here – Courtesy: Skynews.

Stay tuned in for more Positive News on The Positive Media

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