Top Paradigm Shifts in Science, Computing and Technology of 2015

As you and I wind down the year, let’s consider the top paradigm shifts in science, computing and technology of 2015 that already promises to transform how we will work, play and tap energy in the year ahead!



As governments wake up to daily news and memos of their nation’s ‘environment performance’ and ‘sustainability index’ around health conditions, air quality, water and sanitation, agriculture, climate on a global scale (and though some may disagree on their relative rank), the fact remains, more countries are seen taking a leaf from eco-friendly companies and jumping on the green bandwagon, before and after this year’s global warming summit.

With Sweden and Denmark taking pride in running on clean sources of energy, Brazil leading in biodiversity and entrepreneurs developing 24/7 solar power or universities pushing boundaries by using natural sources to power computers, the ubiquitous of all electronics, our planet is slowly but surely showing the awaited sign of less dependency on fossil fuels!





For a hyper-connected race coupled with the need of instant gratification, anything that offers fast, cheap, quality information is the next big thing. This is why IoT or Internet of Things has got everyone exited as the overarching goal of IoT is truly to connect anything with everything…

IoT can be said to be the wingman of Artificial Intelligence as it extends sensors everywhere to monitor and gather information while AI analyses  it and more importantly, reports show benefits outweigh risks in practically all areas of life. For all we care, any skeptic and critic can join that bum on the sidewalk and scream about the ‘uprising of machines’ all they care but we won’t waste another second on you!





If you think you have ‘seen and heard’ it all from Microsoft HoloLens or Google Glass to Oculus VR, maybe time to take (or buy) stock again.

Yes, virtual reality is a game changer literally and figuratively as we are seriously talking of now working and playing in a simulated reality…

If you think, the price tag is too high or all this applies to gamers, feel free to check out Google Cardboard selling low cost devices or Magic Leap, set to change your cinematic experience to Microsoft who predict 2016 as year of AI.




In closure, it is amusing to note, as kids we are awed by magic and as adults, at times afraid of technology. Perhaps ’tis that time of the year when we can once again remind ourselves, it is one and the same thing!


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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