Share the Spirit of the Season with Blessed Bucks – Hide them & find them!

blessed bucks

This is a popular ritual since centuries called Blessed Bucks and it is very apt for this season of winter/ Yule when we share warmth and blessings with each other. 

We all love discovering surprises in unexpected places. Our inner child and optimism lights up when we read and find an uplifting message, money or compliments. A random act of kindness can change moods, moments and even lives!

The intent behind this beautiful act is that – The good you put out will come back to you manifold! A popular money ritual, the main objective behind it has always been creating joy, happiness and lots of positive energy for one and all!

This ritual has spread around the world and it makes people feel warm and fuzzy on the inside – smiles, laughter, good mood, happy dancing, improved health, optimism are some of the emotions people experience.

To create Blessed Bucks, all you have to do is:

  1. Take any currency note/s and write, ” May you be blessed with health, wealth and joy!”
  2. Fold the note and hide it in a public place where a random stranger can find it.
  3. Places where there are lots of people – malls, markets, temples, churches, libraries, parks, shops and more.
  4. Hide it places that are easy to find – between the pages of a book, a supermarket shelf, inside the menu of a cafe, in clothes pockets, bags, toys – the more accessible the better!Avoid places where the note can fall off as it could be ignored and seem like an accident.
  5. As soon as you hide your Blessed Buck, leave the place and let the magick of the universe unfold. Its best you don’t wait to find out which stranger found it or not. Release yourself from the outcome.
  6. You could also hide ‘Blessed Notes’ like “You are Loved”, “You are Beautiful”, “I love you”, “You are precious”, “I bless you with happiness”, “I wish you good health”, “Your angels are always with you”, “Blessed Be” , “You are eternally blessed”are some examples.
  7. Feel free to be creative – add stars, smileys, hearts, fairy dust and make your notes special… 🙂
  8. Before placing your Blessed buck or note – just say a small prayer of goodwill for the person who will find it. You can also channel Reiki to it.

Effects of Blessed Bucks:

  • Watch the goodness you’ve created return to you manifold, in mysterious ways
  • People have reportedly found unexpected wealth within weeks
  • Blessings can take any form – a work promotion, better health, finding your soul mate…the list is endless!
  • You will be setting in motion kindness and optimism – its a feel good factor!
  • This ritual has created a ripple effect of positivity in many parts of the world

Please do share your ‘Blessed Bucks’ story with us. Lets transform the world we live in – with random acts of kindness! 🙂

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Deesha Kriplani is a professional content editor and a spiritual healer with a knack for creative entrepreneurship. Her personal blog is


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