‘Country of Green’ Bhutan inspires at the International Climate Change Summit

The International Climate Change Summit held at Paris in December 2015 appreciated the Green Initiatives of the Tibetan Kingdom of Bhutan. A landlocked mountainous region,  Bhutan faces greenhouse gases emitted from neighbouring countries which threaten the larger Himalayan Landscapes, the glaciers and also the clean mountain air.


Long before the Summit was to be held, this country has already taken many active initiatives to remain ‘carbon neutral’ i.e cutting COP21 emissions and using renewable energy for domestic and export purposes. It also remains committed to maintain its forest cover by more than 60%. Cutting trees and killing animals is already banned in the country and locals live in ‘symbiosis with the environment’.

Its because of its lush green cover that Bhutan has also been nicknamed “the Most Carbon Negative Country in the World’. Interestingly, as per the findings of the Carbon Comparator Tool developed by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), absorbs three times more carbon emissions than it produces. Most parts of this country do not even have access to an electricity grid – impressive indeed!

At the International Climate Change Summit , the country further pledged to increase its forest cover even more. It calls to memory its record-breaking feat last year when Bhutan set a record for planting 50,000 trees planted in an hour!!

Sourced from: Zee News India, Lifegate

Read more about this story, Courtesy: http://www.kuenselonline.com/bhutans-voice-was-heard-lyonchoen/




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