Positive News Today


This time in The Positive Media let us focus on some young achievers:


Pic credit: iamin

12 year old Nashik girl Shrusti Nerkar, has invented a device to save 80 percent of the water used in showers. She got the idea while visiting a car wash and learning that it takes just about 2 litres of water to wash the entire car. Shrusti’s elder brother Amey who studies in standard 12 already holds a patent for smart helmet that would not allow one’s scooter to start till the rider wears the helmet.




13 year old Akshat Mittal from Noida has developed odd-even.com, a website to solve the traffic problems of Delhi connecting people travelling to a common destination based on various filters and offering the best available option in the wake of a new rule by the government allowing cars with either odd or even numbers on alternate days



ahaan-rungta-mit_0(Pic credit MIT News )

Ahaan Rungta, who never went to schools and learnt everything at home through internet studying college level maths at five, calculus at seven and quantum mechanics by 13, thanks websites such as brilliant.org where courses are taught free. At 15 he started the Masters degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is now in the top six per cent of his class.



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