In Which Yuga (Cycle of Ages) Is The ‘Star Wars’ Saga Based?

I’m conscious of writing a second article on Star Wars in the same week, before and after its release but seeing the much awaited hype and high definition drama, I could not help asking myself what Yuga is it likely to be based out of?

Yugas or Cycle of Ages explores the timeline around the ebb and flow of civilization and consciousness. The keyword is cyclic as it challenges the standard theory of linear evolution (that says our ancestors were far less advanced and even primitive but as we look at some of the achievements tens of thousands of years ago – pyramids, yoga, ancient astronomy – we recognize they far exceeded our current abilities).

Let’s check out another explanation. Hindu scriptures suggest the rise and fall of consciousness over time – a recurring cycle of four yugas totaling 24000 years. Highly cited authors such as Graham Hancock and archeo-astronomer, Walter Cruttenden of The Binary Institute among others have researched this intriguing possibility with hard-to-dismiss facts and figures!


In a nutshell, Yugas trace the lowest point of a civilization to the highest from its dark to golden ages and vice-versa, whichever way you look at it.

It is important to understand, it refers more to the consciousness than mechanical progress so even though a civilization can peak in terms of scientific ability, it can still witness a decline in its consciousness. By consciousness, I simply mean, ‘maturity of the majority’. If you can imagine our own planet, tens of thousands of years in the future, when we have spread out across the galaxy, settled on other planets and technologically far more advanced and project it on the cycle above, you can foresee a period of dark ages similar to 700 BC – 1700 AD, when we were busy fighting wars and slavery was rife.

On the same note, in a galaxy far away where Star Wars is set, you clearly see technical prowess on one side and on the other, find conditions darkly overshadowed by slavery and people there living in fear of being torn apart from their home planets in the face of constant wars with the opposite ‘force’.

That is anything but a sign of the higher ages where peace and harmony is pronounced yet it does not seem at the lowest either, in the very depths of despair where hope is lost and if you compare that against where we are now supposed to be (ascending Dwapara Yuga), I’m tempted to think, they may well be in the ascending curve of Kali Yuga when one is coming out of the dark ages and not going any further in it! Please take a minute to also think about it…

Mind you, this was a thought experiment and as cookie mogul Wally Amos said, ‘The mind is like a parachute. It functions best when opened’, I also hope the revised interpretation of evolution prompted some to question your ‘most cherished beliefs’ about what you always thought is true!

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Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

5 thoughts on “In Which Yuga (Cycle of Ages) Is The ‘Star Wars’ Saga Based?

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    1. I think the author might have tried to present a diagram of a Yuga theory by Paramhansa Yogananda’s guru… according to whom we are in the ascending cycle of dwapara Yuga and not Kali Yuga as Hindus would ordinarily believe. So it’s not wrong but a different take on yugas


  1. Simplification of Yuga: consists of Charan. Satya with 4 Charan,Treta with 3,dwapar with 2,Kali with 1. 1 charan–4.2 lakh yes.


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